Team Bonez

A gang who has taken control of the shanty town of Floral Park, NY.

Members are not known by full names, but go only by the following names/pseudonyms and ranks:

E$, the shamanistic mushroom fueled visionary

Kirch, strong like ox, smart like ox, smell like ox. war drums. reverse oreo.

Fight-J, the charismatic leader. level headed whilst sober, becomes exponentially more violent as he drinks. trained as a medic, also as a fighter

Ropke, logitics. also secondary tech man to rill.

Hawk, the unarmed and armed combat master trainer, the most feared of the group.

Rill, technology specialist. keeps team bonez tech running. easy to identify by his ability to spin nearly anything on his fingers; also he carries around a sack full of rocks which he throws at people/things, very hard.

Wysocki, the pogostick master (an art similar to capoeira), also trains spinning under rill. is in charge of business aspects and holds up a facade to whatever government that is in power over F.P., while undermining the entire thing through bureaucracy

Junger Junk the ex-deportee

Matt, another fighter; also a mechanical repair man

frank, an infamous member during the rise of team bonez, known for excessive theft and spearheading the group’s drug trade. once attempted and failed to dissent and attempt to assume leadership, and was banished. is surely either dead by his own foolishness or incarcerated somewhere with real laws.

more info to come

Team Bonez

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