The Road from Salvation

Numbers Game
(March 8-11, 2031)

Content Not Found: Rem_Turner_ approached four individuals with a business proposal (Content Not Found: Arthur_Demus_, Jonas Pearson, Dr. Caroline Murdoch, and Dr. Sean Murdoch). The pitch: they’d go out and try to debunk a supernatural event, he’d fictionalize it into a blog, and then sell it to Fox-Apple. If they discovered something truly supernatural, it’d be even more lucrative. The job: New York City Councilman _Content Not Found: BenjaminRomero was getting bad press because he retained a spiritual adviser. The group turned up a name for the adviser (Jayden Lubinski) and a phone number. It was quickly obvious that he practiced a form of numerology, and his ritual technique was very good; however, he wielded no actual power. Once they saw through his scam, he admitted that though he did often fake readings, sometimes his fortunes were legit. The group had him give a reading to his mother in Ossining, whom Jayden claimed a higher success rate with. This was a dead end, but on the ride back, Jayden was attacked by a hired Lolthug. This threat was quickly dispatched, but moments later the train passed through a powerful magical anomaly, providing Jayden power for his legitimate magical knowledge. He perceived a decreasing sequence of numbers and, lo and behold, the thug was carrying a bomb set to go off when he fell unconscious! (He couldn’t have known about that… could he?) The bomb was discovered and defused in the nick of time, and everyone went home happy. Further research revealed a three-way crossroads outside the town of Sleepy Hollow to be the center of this “mana hill,” AND that the Councilman himself is a font of magical energy (maybe that’s why he gets re-elected). The newly formed group awaits an answer from Fox-Apple, but the story about a legitimate fortune teller did not make it to the evening news.


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