Nate Tompkin


15 year old computer whiz. Home schooled. Primary interests include all things computer related, literature, and the German language. Addicted to checking his MyFace account, also logs many hours playing Demon Space (primary: Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Mike Ropke[defending the wastelands from the Enclave!]; main alternate: Minsk [based off of the martial artist side character from Final Fantasy IXX]).

Son of Thomas Nathaniel Tompkin (TNT), FBI special agent; grandson of Evan Tompkin; great grandson of Brian Tompkin, insane man; ... descendant of Jesus and Zeus. Ok, no.

full name: Nathan Evan Tompkin

nicknames: family – Nate; his father sometimes, not terribly often, calls him “netkin” (for unknown reasons, the addition of “kin” to male names is a tradition passed on at least back to Brian, who lovingly referred to his son as “Evkin,” who occasionally indulged his son with “Dynokin” but mostly just “Tomtom”)

professional – calls himself “Net” or “The Net”

favorite quotations: “nothin but net” (generally preceeded by a series of difficult procedures he has confidence in his ability to complete in the near future, despite the disbelief of those around. often followed by an explanation of the decades old mcdonalds commercial his father told him about when tnt first used the phrase for his son as a young boy)

computer specialist: *technician *repairer *expert of all things internet. (it is mike ropke’s personal opinion that in 2031 the internet does in fact somewhat resemble a big truck, rather than a series of tubes) *quick research from the field.

smaller frame than the adults may allow access to certain places, like in the legend of zelda!

an innocent face, which adversaries may not suspect of being troublesome.

has a contact at the fbi (father).

speaks fluent german (from heritage – grandmother on father’s side was german) and from studying it in homeschool.

helpful in any situation that any sort of young person would be a valuable contact.

not exactly streetwise, but at least can speak to other minors without intimidating them

nationality: american

ethnicity: basic american. technically 25% german. but nothing worth seriously noting. lacks the aryan look and all that.

social status: minor. dead broke, working up to poor.

screennames and handles:

aim or 2031 equivalent and most forums: N3tk1n

forums requiring a certain anonymity for whatever reason: jackoffalltrades

Nate Tompkin

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