Jonas Ambrosius Pearson

A greatly learned magician and polymath


In ancient times, the great magician and prophet Merlin set in motion events that would lead to the founding of the British Empire. Born Christ-like by a virgin mother (though some whisper demonic taint in his origins), he nevertheless shepherded the holy Arthur’s rise to power and the building of the great parapets of Camelot. In his dotage, his power was stolen by the enchantress Nimue, and he lay beneath the cairn at Bryn Myrddin until a time of great need. Then, when no other help should come to the land of Britain, he shall rise and once again stand by the side of the High King, and defend that brave country from its enemies.

Jonas Ambrosius Pearson believes he is heir to the soul of Merlin. Jonas Ambrosius Pearson also talks to coffee cups.

Jonas Ambrosius Pearson

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