Jeremiah Saxon

Brotherhood of Steel Paladin


Str: 9 Per: 7 End: 9 Cha: 5 Int: 6 Agl: 8 Lck: 6

Barter: 30 Big guns: 90 Energy Weapons: 70 Explosives: 70 Lockpick: 40 Medicine: 30 Melee Weapons: 50 Repair: 50 Science: 25 Small guns: 100 Sneak: 50 Speech: 50 Unarmed: 60

Perks: Gun Nut (2), Comprehension, Educated, Bloody Mess, Demolition Expert, Size Matters (2)


Mike Ropke is the name of a character played by Nate Tompkin in the MMORPG “Daemonspace.” Mike Ropke is his main character.

The Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) is a techno-religious organization, with roots in the US military and government-sponsored scientific community from before the Great War. The BOS is mostly composed of the descendants of those military officers, soldiers, and scientists, but aside from some outlanders among their ranks, the BOS is as close to pure strain humanity (prime normals) as you’re going to find outside of a Vault or the Enclave.

Jeremiah was brought in as an Initiate at an early age, when the BOS cleared out a supermutant infestation in Manhattan, where his family had found refuge. His parents had been deemed too irradiated and were sacrificed to ensure the proliferation of uninfected humans by limiting their exposure to the infected. He watched his own parents executed, and had the choice of trying to live on his own or join the ranks of those who had killed his parents. Over time, he came to accept their position and went on to progress quickly as a Knight, committing countless executions himself, even providing counsel to the young orphans he produced. He has very recently been promoted to the rank of Paladin.

The entire Northeast Coast division of the BOS, under the leadership of Elder Lyons, has had as a primary focus the protection of inhabitants from mutants, rather than search for old and useful technologies. An obsession that began with his initial exploits in the Capital Wasteland of Washington, D.C. extended into a lifelong passion as he expanded BOS protected territories in the Northeast.

Jeremiah Saxon

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