Dr. Caroline Murdoch



IQ: 14

Animal Handling(Elephants) 13 Bioengineering/TL9 14 First Aid 16 Forensics 13 Judo 12 Pharmacy 14 Physician 14 Surgery 14


Born on March 15, 2004 in Stettin, Poland to Karol and Lucja Cieleski.

During the summer of 2009 CC was brought to New York, NY by her father to receive an American education. Lucja was unable to get a visa to join them and eventually remarried in 2011. CC was granted a half-sister, Anastacia, later that year.

In 2021 CC was accepted to Boston University. In 2027 she was recruited by Genzyme for creating a glow-in-the-dark ant farm. CC still remembers the time she found cohort 15 in the cereal box.

One fateful day in 2024 CC participated in a prank on the MIT campus where she met one Sean Murdoch. Despite Sean’s inability to control himself around other women, they married in 2028.

CC and Sean live together on a barge putting along the Hudson River with their miniature pink elephant Footme.

The year 2031 seems to be the start of an interesting chapter in her life – working both for Genzyme and Mr. Rem Turner.

Dr. Caroline Murdoch

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