The Road from Salvation

The World's Fastest Roller Coaster

April 2-3, 2031

As Nathan’s monitoring program caught wind of another disturbance, everyone seemed to be having their own issues. Content Not Found: Anya_ and Arthur were missing without any explanation. Jonas was in jail, having left a pair of prints at last week’s murder scene. The Murdochs got called into service of their country and were tasked with opening a mystery package for a foreign archaeologist. Nathan’s mother started to wonder where he gets to after school, and her prying got in the way of the tight-lipped adolescent. Things became worse for the group when Anya could not be reached, Jonas ran out of meds and started talking to coffee cups, Nathan’s mom discovered Dean doing drugs while touring the office, Sean started lusting after the visiting scientist, and C.C. needed to work around her homicidal jealousy. Eventually, Arthur came back on the radar, Jonas was released, Nathan accepted a new chaperon, and the Murdochs left the mystery box sit while they joined the investigation of a phantom roller coaster. The company found another mysterious, shadowy figure (See: Just a Fluke) atop the Cyclone roller coaster and witnessed a curious phenomenon. Following some intense rumbling, a twinned image appeared. Squashed, orange roller coaster cars appeared from nothingness, slowly sliding along the steel rails. Simultaneously, an elongated blue-green set of cars sped backwards from the same point in space. As they traveled, they faded back into nothingness. The physicists of the group offered the possibility that this was an object moving faster than the speed of light and/or backwards in time. Then, to up the ante for things that shouldn’t happen, Sean rigged up a jet pack for cripply Arthur, who tried to interact with the dark, unresponsive figure. Sufficiently provoked, the hooded figure lashed out at Demus, and fell to his demise. Shadows billowed out of his sleeves, and nothing other than old clothes were left behind. These clothes were scrutinized; at least one article came from Darias Corpsman’s closet. Another was a T-Shirt for a performance by the band “Gibbous” that would occur at the end of the week. More time travel? No. The printing company that did the shirts was located in Tribeca and, as it turned out, there were a small group of those shadowy guys hidden beneath, worshiping. Jonas’ appraisal: this was the cult of Content Not Found: Trivia, the Roman goddess of childbirth, sorcery, death, and the triple crossroads; the company also learned that she had sent one of her shades out to kill again! Her next target was one roldover" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lewis Roldover, noted entomologist, and apparently not demon-infested. Further, Nate uncovered C.C.‘s secret communications with the dark power! C.C. admitted that yes, she had been in contact with Trivia for some time, and that certain deals had been struck, but that she wasn’t in league with Trivia, per se. While Sean developed some improvised firepower to take out this group, Arthur stormed in, a whirlwind of supplication, and made friends with the Queen of Ghosts. For now.



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