The Road from Salvation

The Manhattan Pillar

May 6, 2031, 9:30 am - 4 pm

The company was briefly overwhelmed. While Nate dealt with the aftermath of the encounter with Greg and Jonas attempted to pinpoint a sudden surge in Manhattan’s magical field, Arthur was contacted via Daemonspace by one Cambria Chung, aka Kumulous, from New Holland, Pennsylvania. As the company left New York, they were surprised to find a new and marked dropoff in the magical energy in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. One advantage of this is that Sean’s still experimental tachyon detector worked perfectly, since there was no background noise. She heard rumors about what they did for Vulcan, and wanted them to look into the murder of a friend of hers. At the time of the crime, the neighbors saw some smoke and called to the police. There was no evidence of fire, but poor Robert Parish looked as if a refrigerator had been dropped on him. Using Sean’s invention, the group traced the attack back to an abandoned barn, where it was surmised that a Content Not Found: Smithy_Devil had been trapped behind a powerful hex sign. Apparently with the magical field suddenly turned off, the warding keeping the monster in place had failed. The company located the smithy devil and stalled it, talking to it in German, as Sean prepared his (locally grown) fruit-powered lightning gun. Although resistant to technology, strawberry lightning went through the clicking fiend like butter.

Back in New York, the company found the source of the magical disturbance deep beneath the city. They snuck into the dig for the 2nd Avenue subway, following the tunnels to deep beneath Central Park, and came upon a tremendous tree, made entirely of orichalcum. Passing the dead bodies of a team of excavators and occult experts, they realize that the diggers have seriously injured a root of this tree, specifically one reaching to the west, and that mana is leaking into the cavern at a fatal rate. This overpowering magic allows laymen to cast magic, so the mages arm Nate & Sean with books so that they can vent this surplus energy through casting spells. In fact, magic allows them to easily seal up the tree’s injury. Crisis averted, the company discovered another body on the floor of the cavern, though not dead. He claimed to be Content Not Found: Reimund_Minuit_, one of two brothers who tricked the Canarsie Indians into selling the island of Manhattan to the Dutch (and thusly the name for the island comes from the Canarsie phrase for “place where we got cheated”). Angry, the Canarsie called on an old mystic named Montowese, who cursed him with eternal life and trapped him within the roots of the tree that supports the island of Manhattan. Years later, as the population of the island and the tree itself grew, it pushed through a rusty, forgotten water main. Reimund was cursed to spend eternity with rusty water dripping several hundred feet into his face. He was, however blessed that the years of marinading in the mana flow of the world tree had granted him amazing powers. The party frees the tortured soul, only to bring him to the surface and have him start to start going beserk. The centuries had not been good to Reimund’s mind. His body, though, began shedding its hair; he slowly transformed into a colossal snake and slithered into Central Park, eating those who stood in his way. Some quick research led the party to realize that Montowese was Canarsie for “sleeping wolf,” and Arthur left to confront coyote" class=“wiki-content-link”>Dean.



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