The Road from Salvation

The Call of Khai'le

April 16, 2031

C.C. and Arthur were contacted my Curtis and Pembroke, two well dressed, polite gentlemen who were interested in talking about what the world is coming to. Both quickly realized that this was some kind of cult, said as much, and it was revealed to them that this cult teaches that Khai’le, a gigantic tiger, will rise out of the ocean and devour the world in 3057 after his book of 18,000 prophecies is fulfilled. And C.C. & Arthur are likely identified in the book. And Pembroke has the ability to manifest a water elemental. Willing at least to investigate further, the two went to a meeting of this cult at the Governeror’s Island Marina. It was foretold that C.C. would go to an island and speak to an octopus, and they were greeted, after a lengthly sermon, by Content Not Found: Ultros, a genetically engineered psychic octopus. Arthur was foretold that the Knights of Antonius will help him to find his wife’s killer. However, the cult could offer him little more. Jules, however, telepathically promised them both their heart’s desire should they arrange his escape. Neither really believed him, but C.C. wanted a psychic octopus, so they snuck into the marina that night. C.C. seduced Curtis while Arthur made use of one of Dean’s spells to transmute himself into slime. He stealthily sunk down into the shark tank, through an air lock, and grabbed the octopus while C.C. realized that she bit off more than she could handle. Arthur snuck past the shark a second time, tricked the guards into the tank, and the two ran off, leaving Curtis with a mystery to clean up.

An addendum:

Following this adventure, a trailer premiered for the new Planet of the Apes movie. It looks pretty good.


Feel free to fix this if I’ve remembered it wrong!

The Call of Khai'le

this is me NOT metagaming as i read this.

The Call of Khai'le

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