The Road from Salvation

Snake Meat

May 6, 2031, 4 pm - 7 pm

Crazy shit happened. More on this later. Feel free to write stuff. But I’m tired, and that night was confusing.

Ninjas, robots, dragons, witches, giant snake, marshmallow monster. Discuss.


Dean left something similar to the following message for the characters to whom this was new information.

Hey. This is a recording. Part of my automatic post mortem package. No one’s taking this death harder than me, I’m sure. Anyway, my people and I aren’t really in touch, so here’s some knowledge. The white man could have called me a lot of boring slurs, well one of them is werewolf. It doesn’t really do my people justice, but the Moon gave birth to this world, and we were her children too. We the were Earth’s caretakers, but I haven’t been able to stand up to that in a while. So that’s the drugs and the friends. It’s a bad idea, ‘cause us who hunted in packs got killed off years ago. Asshats of Antonius. Anyway, I need to talk more recent history. Twenty twelve. There was a huge plague, but that had happened before, and an earthquake, and then California was an island. There was a supernova, it lit up the sky for weeks, and then the demons came. Something lined up and they swarmed in. They killed almost everything, so the only thing left was the magic running under our feet. The roots glowed and burned all the demons out of existence. We punched the cosmic redo and tweaked a few things. Obama got elected, and it seemed like it worked. But something didn’t. Gods and monsters have been asleep for so long, and they’re waking up. I don’t know what went wrong, but if they buck too much, I know there’s some pissed off demons just waiting for us to slip up. So… I guess you need to figure out what went wrong? Or just pile onto a high mana zone and start praying. Well, good luck, I guess.



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