The Road from Salvation

Running Blind

March 17, 2031

The group was summoned to a meeting on Monday night, where they were met by a representative of Fox-Apple. Also at the meeting were assembled suits representing a confederacy of corporations. Apparently one of the members saw fit to bring her kid to this secret meeting in a fortified location. It was agreed amongst these powers that a group investigating the supernatural would be useful. They care deeply about the public good, and want the group to investigate, protect, but keep their mouths shut. Suddenly, as if a spell was lifted, the suits began to notice the random Latino kid in a (debatably colored) bucket hat. The lights go out across the city; someone— apparently the kid, identified as Eleggua, an orisha of Santeria— has hacked Con Edison. The group got through the blast doors of this too-secure conference room, and found Content Not Found: Sariel_Joplin_ in a cloud of “Mystic Mist.”
Apparently, she was a practicing Wiccan, knew a handful of real spells, but was never aware that she possessed actual magical power. The stars serve many casters as a way to access the supernatural; our view of the universe holds secrets for those who can see them, and this was the first time New York was shown its stars since before the turn of the century. She was talked down from her panicked protection spell, and the group was free from the building. As their first mandated task, The Paranoia Company tracked down surprised people who were manifesting their new-found power. This included a Catholic priest, an aging geek, a Buddhist monk, and an Content Not Found: DallasJang
. The first three peacefully made their way to the company’s new office, and the fourth ended up in the hospital.


Other notes of interest:

  • There are probably other magic users who are now clued into their power, but did not wander out into the street, ready to be apprehended by secret organizations.
  • Nate Tompkin obtained information from the FBI with little trouble.
  • C.C. made some progress in understanding the science behind magic.
Running Blind

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