The Road from Salvation

Not Tron

April 10, 2031

Content Not Found: Trivia_ approached the company, looking for help on behalf of her “brother” in a place she wasn’t keen on going. Apparently, Content Not Found: Vulcan_, Roman god of fire, metal, and water, had taken to inhabiting a well known MMORPG known as Daemonspace. He was the game master for their world which simulated “Yuboto” – a post apocalyptic pulpy submarine anime. The company logged on to investigate- Nate, CC, and Sean on their main characters, Jonas on a newly created trial character, and Arthur on a recently purchased avatar. They found the world of Yuboto quarantined by the admins, but punched a hole in. They found the ocean drained and the world desolate. They located Vulcan and eventually worked out that a demonic AI had been embedded deep in this digital universe, and was pulling strings to bring the entire thing to an end. Yuboto was one of seven key worlds to bring the whole thing crashing down. The company located and cornered the demon’s agent, a unwitting player named _Content Not Found: CarnegieFurillo, portraying a Dark Keyblade Master, who quickly gave up his master when faced with the truth of what he was doing and legal action. The company confronted this AI, who called himself Obsidion, and banished him to whatever hellish dimension he came from. However, after hacking into Obsidion’s e-mail, the company observed communications between him, LakeDweller5, and another entity, LakeDweller3, who seemed to be ensconced within the Bank of America.


At long last, I start throwing updates up!

Not Tron

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