The Road from Salvation

Just a Fluke

March 17-28, 2031

The company settled the business with the newly awakened magicians, settled into their new office space and met the caretaker/former owner of the facility, Dean. Plans were made to try to expand their space, and software was put in place to monitor emergency personnel traffic for unusual happenings. And for a little while, nothing happened. The fledgling adventurers trained up, rested, drank heavily, and did homework. After a week and a half, the monitoring software hit on something, and the team investigated a screaming Content Not Found: Darias_Corpsman_ being transported from the scene of a burglary/homicide. When they arrived, though, the medical examiner had been killed. Some arcane research and two autopsies later, it was concluded that this was the work of a Barbed Fluke, a species of parasitic demon. The company investigated the home of the first murder victim, a noted food critic; they found very little missing, but the computer had been destroyed. On the cleaned up security footage, the murderer didn’t even look human. After the victim’s files were re-assembled and reviewed, his recent rave sent them in the direction of an all-organic restaurant called Frantique, specializing in cheap Sicialian-style snails. Effective interview techniques, deductive reasoning and mental telepathy led the company to conclude that the owner of this restaurant had been possessed by a barbed fluke and raised fluke-infested snails in his basement. They dispatched this parasitic mastermind, and sent tiny robots to deal with the dangerous, numerous, devil snailsfin.jpg.



  • This game took place on March 14 (IRL)
  • Loose end: who was that masked man??
Just a Fluke

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