The Road from Salvation

Escape This Summer

(March 14-15th, 2031)

Unconvinced that the two techies from the first paranormal investigation have enough relevant skills to make their salaries worthwhile, Content Not Found: Rem_Turner_ asked Caroline and Sean Murdoch to be part of a second investigation. Unknown to them, he asked more reasonably priced Content Not Found: NateTompkin and Anya to join the group in order to compare their usefulness. Rem had Fox-Apple interested in the project and finished construction of his blog, Rem Turner’s Paranoia Co. In a show of good faith, Fox-Apple fed him a tip from one of their news affiliates that there were reports of a unidentified flying object crashing into the slums of Red Hook. The group found their way to a playground in the heart of territory claimed by the Quills, a gang known to sport crude body modifications. They fought their way past a angry Quill to the small craft. Inside were two corpses covered in a thin fur, as well as mysterious alien artifacts. The only functioning control onboard was one to engage the engine; however, this ignition button just made a deep engine-not-really-working noise. Investigating further, the group found two revealing pieces of information. The introns within the aliens’ genomes were a repeating message: ESCAPE THIS SUMMER. Also, cutting a hole into the floor, the engine sound was discovered to be coming out of a large speaker. Clearly an elaborate hoax, the ship was transported to the Murdoch’s barge for further testing. Analysis confirmed that the ship was placed on site in its crashed state, that the bones and muscles for the aliens were grown in vats and then assembled to create the aliens, and is a viral website for Universal’s remake of Escape From The Planet of The Apes. The group members were initially dismayed to have been manipulated into helping Fox Apple deprive a rival studio of months of publicity, but were glad to find out that the Universal agreement provides the finder(s) of their artifact with %1 final script revision rights and %1 of all total royalties*. And then dismayed again when Rem Turner asserted that since they were on the job at the time, the profits will be going to fund the business.



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